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What medical reports do I need to carry?

No medical report is required but we insist every yatri to consult their doctor before traveling to high altitude. Also every yatri must declare their physical status and specify if they are allergic to any medicine.

Besides the passport what other official documents will I need on the yatra?
You need to carry:-

Valid Passport with 4 passport size photographs
Medical Insurance Policy. (Not compulsory)
Is it essential or good to commence the tour on a full moon day?
You can commence your yatra any day. Some people prefer to reach at Mansarovar or Kailash on full moon day.

Can we take children with age group of 8 and 15 years?
Yes, can take children (physically normal) along with you but at your own risk because you know your child better.

What are the precautions taken for the children?
You have to take same precautions as you are taking for yourself.

Will one oxygen cylinder be sufficient for four of us?
Our company will provide oxygen cylinder in an emergency. Usually, oxygen cylinder is not required. However, some yatri prefer to carry their own handy oxygen cylinders. You may buy small portable cylinder in Tibet. It may cost approx. Yuan 20-30 per cylinder.

What will be the charges for children?
Yatra cost is same for children.

Can we get vegetarian food during yatra?
Yes, cooks will be traveling with you during the entire trip. They will carry all necessary cooking items with them and you will get only vegetarian food during yatra.

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