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Are there any frequent landslides on the way?

No, it depends on weather. Some time Kathmandu to Kodari border nepal side only.

Availability of drinking water on the yatra?
Water bottles / pure natural mineral water, or water purification tablets may be made available.

Can I bring video camera and digital camera? 
Yes, you can bring camera & videos along with you. The voltage in Tibet is 220V. Can be re-charge most of the places but not during 3 days parikrama. We suggest traveling with extra batteries.

What about communication possibilities?
Communication facility is every where available. Mobile will work in Kailash region and Parikrama also.

Is there any Pundit available?
No, you have to bring your Pundit.if we have Brahamana staff he will do.

When we should book the  Mt. Kailash Yatra and how to book?
You should book this yatra minimum 45 days in advance. To book, we need scan copy of passport (1st page only)  with 20 % advance can sent to in the address, by email - or GPO Box 20441,kathmandu ,nepal .

Is it necessary to send our document with advance 45 days before?
Yes, we must send copy of your passport to China for approval.

How can we make advance payment?
We have following payment options:
Swift transfer to OUR BANK account. Contact us for our bank details.
Pay by credit card.
Send a Demand Draft by courier.

If we are not feeling comfortable or physically fit for parikarma then what we will do?
In case, you must stay back in Darchen for 3 days.

What type of medical test is required for this trip?
Not compulsory.

What must we carry?
Be sure you have the needy items!
Warm clothes, water bottle, water purification tabs, suntan lotion utility knife, dusk musk, medicine for headaches, fever, colds, stomach disorders and Diamox (unless you are allergic to sulpha drugs) for
altitude sickness, It is also good to carry dry fruit, juice powder, breads, candy, canned or packed food, nuts, pickles and biscuits.
* if you do not have any of the above items, our executive will assist you in Kathmandu.

Do you have any age restriction?
No, we do not have any age restrictions. If you are physically fit you may travel but sometimes Chinese Authority does not permit for people aged 65 or above. We insist everyone consult with their doctor and must mention that you are going to high altitude. Many of old aged people traveled with us and have successfully done the parikrama.

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