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Adventure Activities

Adventure activities are the best activities in Nepal in the world. There are lots of adventure trip around the corner. As you are travelling from one place to other places you can find the adventure activities & can have adventure activities right the corner. Nepal is the best destination for adventure activities to all kinds of outdoor adventure activities like adventure trekking, rock climbing, peak climbing and mountaineering, bungee jumping, rafting, cannoning, cannoning, jungle safari and much more which are more popular among adventure lovers. Trekking has been the unique product of Nepal since a long and is still preferred by adventure seekers coming from different parts of the world. The geographical and natural diversity and a wide range of exotic culture make Nepal an ideal place for trekking and exploration. Trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal is one’s life time opportunity to observe its culture facets and enjoy the beauty of nature.

White-water rafting, one of the most popular adventure sports in Nepal. While rafting, we come across all kinds of rapids not too far from one another. Battling these rapids will be a challenge. However, we also occasionally raft through calm sections of the river. During this time we admire the natural beauty of the surrounding areas. The green vegetation, curious villagers and the river banks are ours to marvel at . Rafting is inarguably the best way of exploring Nepal, as it takes you through hamlets, canyons, dense forests and wildlife.

Jungle safari through dense grasslands to witness wildlife in their natural habitat. Jungle Safari in the flat lands of Terai is preferred to see the rare varieties of animals and birds that have been preserved under the National parks of Nepal.  The elephant stables and even enjoy bathing the elephants. We go deep into the jungle and spot deer, the endangered one-horn rhinoceros, as well as other wild animals. We may even spot the elusive Royal Bengal Tiger. While canoeing, we may get a close look at the Gharial and Mugger Crocodiles along with fresh-water dolphins, otters and varieties of water birds.
Mountain biking in the best adventure trip in Nepal. You can enjoy with the rich culture, crystal clear view of Himalayan ranges during the trips as well. You can ride different kinds of landscape one another Places. Mountain Bike tours are the environmental friendly and economic way to explore the magnificent landscapes, vibrant culture and traditions as well as the remarkable heritage sites of the country. Peddling on the hidden trails of the rarely visited rural villages, you will enjoy with smiling local faces living simple life in peace and harmony and practicing their own culture as well as speaking their own dialect. Similarly you can have another thrilling experience of ultimate bungy jumping over the 160m high bridge of Bhote Koshi, one of the world’s wildest raging river rushes down from the Himalayas.

Adventure Activities in Nepal
Rafting in Nepal Rafting in Nepal - 1-11 Days
Nepal is home to eight out of the fourteen highest peaks in the world with colorful and intricate Hindu religion...
1-11 Days

Bungy Jumping
Nepal has very few bungee jumping points. The first bungee jumping site is situated 160m over the wild Bhotekoshi river

Paragliding - 5 Days
Paragliding is popular adventures outdoor sports activity around the world.

Zip FlyerZip Flyer -
Zip flyer is a new adventure tourism product in Nepal’s tourism market. The only one zip-flyer of Nepal.

Rock Climbing
Rock Climbing is another challenging outdoor sport in Nepal. Rock climbing needs one’s good physical

Mountain Biking
Mountain biking in Nepal is fun and all times challenging event. Nepal is a country of extremes with all suitable.

Honey Hunting
Honey hunting/harvesting is the gathering of honey from wild colonies and is one of the most ancient human activities.

Ultra light Flight
Ultralight aircraft is an alternative way of mountain flight to the surrounding mountains and peaks nearby

Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve
Nepal has a high potential of adventure activities besides trekking and mountaineering.

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