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About Nepal

Nepal is known as the Mountain chain Empire in the world. It has lots of opportunity to explore about the different kinds of culture and beautiful Mountain ranges from east to west part of Nepal. According to your desire you can explore with our rich culture wherever you want to travel around the nook and corner.  You can visit different places, meet and talk with the smiling faces of Nepalese people during the tour in Nepal. Nepal appreciates the pride of having 8 out of 10 highest peaks of the world! We don't only have mountains but our exclusive geography has gifted us green hills and valleys, rivers, subtropical forests and flat lands all including beauty to our country.  We have a number of ethnic groups, each and every group with their own languages, cultures, and costumes, all living in perfect affinity.

The huge mountain with best elegance, transpicuous clear streams and watercourse, the high current of rivers, colorful species of flowers, birds and animals, plenty of greenery and forests with much more hidden beauty and mystery with inevitable adventure and fun will be waiting for you. 

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