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About Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand is the very famous places for inbound or outbound tourist destination in the World. While once in life you are in Bangkok then you never forget to share your real experience of Bangkok. As you are traveling from US, Europe or South Asia or China it’s the great country to visit around the corner. It’s the real places to visit wherever you are. However, you are.. You are more than welcome in our country Thailand. Thailand is a cacophony of sights and sounds that handsomely rewards urban explorers willing to get a little lost in the city. Filled with non-stop action, grit, character, and some of the best cheaps eats in the world, T+L’s Bangkok travel guide won’t steer you wrong.
 When you visit Bangkok you determine what this diverse city—a combination of old and new—has to offer. It may be a busy city, but at morning you can see Buddhist monks clad in yellow robes filling the streets. Like the rest of Thailand, there’s a lot of cooperation and bartering: haggling at markets is the norm and a language of its own. Come here and you’ll find a wide range of activities to amuse yourself, from the historical and religious to shopping, galleries, and spas.

There is three defined season here. During the rainy season, which spans from May to November, the weather is warm and humid, with afternoon showers. Tough rains fall occasionally, with the occasional dramatic thunderstorms. The best time to visit Bangkok is from late November to mid-January. During this time, the climate is a tropical cool: humid, yet comfortable. The least ideal time to go is between March and May when the city reaches its highest temperatures.

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